Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Eternally Watch: shows diving with helium escape valve in the Crown

Swiss watch brand Ball Watch, relatively unknown french amateurs, has presented a stunning dive called Engineer Hydrocarbon Eternally watch. This chrono/day/date (ETA 7750) resolutely sporty is equipped with a stainless steel case 42 mm water resistant to 600 meters and a helium escape valve integrated in the winding Crown. A first world.

Eternally for "United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit" is the unit of the Navy of the United States in charge of the establishment of the operational guidelines of diving and decompression to the attention of the U.S. armed forces. More specifically, its role is to assess the systems and procedures relating to survival in both hyperbaric and diving.

Responding to the same 'Safety First' principle applied since its inception by Ball Watch to the realization of its watches, experiments of the Eternally made it possible to develop new procedures and new equipment in order to increase safety in diving.

The Eternally is the origin of the establishment of the time of decompression tables that are the vital reference for all divers. The watchmaker 'played the same precursor role in watchmakingby enacting by the end of the 19th century by the standards of chronometric standards at the base of those still in force to this day' ensures its press release.

It is therefore natural that the Swiss brand dedicated to the Eternally his new model... All aspects of this timepiece was thoughtful and designed for use by professionals of diving for whom every second can be of crucial importance.

This attention been paid to the rotating bezel with ergonomic contours provide a precise handling even with diving gloves. Its unidirectional rotation to avoid serious consequences in the event of unintentional manipulation during immersion time counts.

Designed chrome Black ceramic bezel enjoys a resistance against corrosion, scratches and ultra-violet rays. In addition, figures and graduation have been voluntarily oversized in order to make them immediately readable. The mark again uses the application process with powerful luminescent paint on indications of a ceramic bezel.

The tightness of this new model is guaranteed up to 600 meters thanks to the robust construction of the case which the thickness reached 17.3 mm for a diameter of 42 mm Replica rolex . The bottom of the housing is stamped on the ground of a diver Recalling the official emblem of the Eternally.

First world in watchmaking: the automatic helium escape valve could be incorporated directly into the Crown. This innovation patented by Swiss watchmaker "to remove a potentially deformable surface under water pressure and to further improve the tightness of the chronograph". The Crown is equipped with the patented protection system common to all models of Engineer Hydrocarbon.

The heart of the Watch has an automatic movement ETA 7750 to measure and specify an amount of time up to 12 hours. The accuracy of the display hour, minutes, seconds, day and date is attested by the time clock movement COSC certification.

In order to remain visible even in the darkness of the depths, the markers of the dial and hands are naturally equipped with micro test-tubes of luminescent gas H3. This Swiss technology requires no external light source while being up to 100 times more effective than conventional luminescent paints is still the brand in its release.

The watchmaker has further improved this process by setting the dial to metal sconces microtubing. Thanks to this new patented technique, the raising of the microtubes ensures their proper development and better diffusion of light generated by gas H3. The Dial as well as the contrast of the graduation of the second hand and the Sub-dials needles ensure the legibility of the information of this model.

Another specificity, the two chamfers carved into the flange of the case supporting the bezel Act such a "gutter" that facilitates the evacuation of water between these two components. This execution allows to fight against a possible corrosion.

In addition to the rubber strap proposed by definition on any dive watch, this model is also available with a bracelet in stainless steel and titanium provided the patented triple folding clasp loop. Its extension system to fit easily on a coated wrist of a combination.